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Provider Training

DSP Initial and Annual Training Update

 Per the new provider certification rule, DODD has created a new curriculum for direct support professionals (DSPs) of waiver services and independent providers beginning  January 1, 2022.

What does this mean for new DSPs and those who need their annual training requirement met? 

You have two options:

1)  Take the DSP Initial or the Annual online training offered by DODD, depending on which one you need.  You will need to create a DODD MyLearning account if you do not currently have one.  See  

2)  Wait to take the training in-person.

The county board is working with other Mahoning County providers to develop an in-person training option, using DODD's specific curriculum, expected to be available April 2022.  Dates for registration will be posted when training is available on the Event Calendar section of this website.

For more information, contact Tony Rinaldi, Director of Provider Relations/Quality Assurance, at or 330-718-3716.

To see courses please click HERE to go to the Event Calendar

Contact us with any questions or concerns

Tony Rinaldi, Director of Provider Relations/Quality Assurance

Phone: 330-718-3716
Fax: 330-797-2843
Email: arinaldi@​