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Investigative Services

The investigative unit is the department that investigates Major Unusual Incidents (MUIs). MUIs are incidents that did or could affect the health and safety of the individuals served. Some types of MUIs are: alleged physical abuse, alleged neglect, unscheduled hospitalizations, etc.

Please see DODD’s Handbook "Understanding the MUI/UI Reporting System (PDF)".

To report any abuse or neglect, you can contact Help Network 24 hours a day at 330-747-2696.

Also, for tips on safety, please see health and welfare alerts. These alerts provide data, additional resources, and guidance on what can be done to avoid or minimize risk.

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Contact us with any questions or concerns

Kerry Heitzenrater, Executive Assistant ISU

Phone: 330-797-2831
Fax: 330-797-3053
Email: Kheitzenrater@​

Blasé Brush, Investigative Agent

Phone: 330-799-8146
Fax: 330-797-3053
Email: Bbrush@​

Karen Gallagher, Investigative Agent

Phone: 330-799-8150
Fax: 330-797-3053
Email: Kgallagher@​

Roseann O’Nesti, Investigative Agent

Phone: 330-799-9033
Fax: 330-797-3053
Email: Ronesti@​