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Active Day Names New Center Co-Directors


Dear Members, Parents/Guardians, and Providers,
We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. We are excited to take this opportunity to introduce Keri Saxon and Sherry Christner as the center Co-Directors. Sherry has been with the company in the dual role of Center and Transportation Director since 2018. Keri has been in the role of Program Manager at the center as of the transition in January 2022. Throughout this year, both Sherry and Keri have both been actively involved in all aspects and programs offered at the center.
We are thrilled to have them collaborate and want to assure you that activities and opportunities that members have enjoyed will continue. Sherry and Keri remain dedicated to finding additional meaningful in-center and community opportunities for our members to grow, learn and have fun!
Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or suggestions. We are always looking for ways to expand our programs and provide exemplary person centered services to help our members achieve their outcomes.
Kind Regards,
Melissa Urioste
Regional Director

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