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Learning at Leonard Kirtz School - Remotely!


Learning at Leonard Kirtz School – Remotely!

The first day of school for our 72 Leonard Kirtz students was September 8, and during the first nine weeks, students are receiving their instruction in an all-remote learning mode. Teachers are in the classroom and classmates are at home. Now in the fifth week of the school year, some creative and interactive lessons and activities have been happening!

Teachers are providing ‘real time’ instruction virtually for specific times of the school day. They are also providing video options for working parents who need to adjust their children’s classroom schedules around their work schedules.

In addition to the virtual lessons/activities, teachers are conducting virtual scavenger hunts in which they travel the building making videos and locating items that match up with letters and words (e.g., apple, book bag).

It is a new way of learning, and our wonderful teachers are making it work!

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