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March Special Recognitions


The “Read Aloud” program at Leonard Kirtz School was recognized by the MCBDD. Teachers Heidi Soriano, Michelle Haniford and Julianne Hazlett helped organized the program at the LKS library. Superintendent Bill Whitacre, Executive Assistant Kara Morgan and Director of Education Jeff Novak have participated as readers. The program has now added crafts to pair with each story. The program occurs every other Tuesday and provides the opportunity to “Read Aloud” to some of our students at LKS. It’s lots of fun for both the reader and the kids! If you’re interested in reading to the kids, please call the school at 330-797-2847.

Two young boys participating in the Read Aloud Program at LKS

Shawnta Overton holding her recognition certificate

Shawnta Overton has a personality that glows. She is bright and welcoming and tends to the needs of others. In this day and age she could be referred to as a helicopter friend. She senses the needs of others and shows empathy and concern that is calming and soothing. She also has a functional understanding of total communication through sign and lip expression. She approaches work at her own pace and pleasure that is positive.

Diane Robinson is a very caring and loving individual. She is well liked by one and all. She is a program aide and she does great work assisting the staff and her peers. It is a pleasure to have Diane attend the Centre at Javit Court.

Diane Robinson holding her recognition certificate

Francesca Bagnola holding recognition certificate

Francesca Bagnola is a delight to work with and very motivated to meet her goals. A graduate from Canfield High School, she has attended the Youngstown State University Transition Options in Postsecondary Settings (TOPS) program and is currently working at a job that she enjoys. When not working, Francesca is very active in her community and has performed in two plays at the Crown Theater. She also enjoys horseback riding.

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