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February Special Recognitions


Catherine Sciulli has been a committed employee at MCBDD for well over 20 years. Her positive attitude and hard work ethic make her a valuable team member to the cafeteria staff. Catherine enjoys coming to work everyday and has adapted well into the positions she has served. She currently works in the kitchen at LKS. Catherine’s presence at LKS symbolizes what MCBDD stands for: service and commitment to the community and making a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

Catherine Sciulli holding recognition certificate

Mercedes Jones holding recognition certificate

Mercedes Jones  is an animated individual that can be entertaining and hilarious at times. She is honest and enjoys the attention of others. Mercedes is a person of strong character and enthusiastically embraced for her one of a kind personality.

James “Jimmie” Pollard is very outgoing and is not shy around others. He is the Centre’s Wal-Mart greeter and is very affectionate. Jimmie always has a kind word and a big smile. It is a pleasure to have Jimmie at the Centre.

Jimmie Pollard holding recognition certificate

Abraham Petkus holding recognition certificate

Abraham Petkus is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work, is fascinated by sports and enjoys discussions related to World War II. Abraham‘s goal related to a vocation is to be competitively employed. He enjoys participating in exercise at the YMCA. He is very independent and highly reliable with his self care. He is a true ambassador of himself and his community. Abraham has levels of comprehension in the use of the Spanish language and is able to communicate with others.

Yessenia Garcia has adjusted well to the Centre. She enjoys her area and gets along well with her peers. She is very comfortable and has made a good transition from Bev Road.

Yessenia Garcia holding recognition certificate

Paul Harris holding recognition certificate

Paul Harris is cordial and has a deliberate approach to work. He is keenly aware of his co-workers and looks out for their well being. He will advise others if he recognizes a need. Paul has been at Bev for many years and has moved on to another provider as of the end of December. We wish him well and his new choice of support.

Corey Finch is a phenomenal young man who is endeared by all. He has made the transition to a new location with all of the understandable changes that can accompany a move. He clearly shows the caring approach of his family in the formation of his outstanding character. Corey has a positive influence on everyone he meets.

Corey Finch holding recognition certificate

Patty LaRose holding recognition certificate

Patty LaRose is very task orientated and follows her routine. She is also very diligent and staff enjoy working with her. She has done well here at the Centre.

Elizabeth " Lizzy" Gongaware is very friendly and very outgoing. She is a joy to work with and is always happy. Lizzy always has a big smile on her face and enjoys interacting with peers and staff.

Lizzy Gongaware holding recognition certificate

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