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Tech House Demo


Handicapped bathroom

Hum Toothbrush

Motion Sensor


Shower Chair


Bedroom with tech house items

Clothing Folder

Floor Mat Sensor

Bed Shaker

Color Identifier

Chair Mat Sensor


Air Purifier


Kitchen shelf, air purifier, and trash can

Adjustable Shelf

Air Purifier

Touchless Trashcan

Kitchen gadgets on table


Dose Med Minder

Angel Sense (GPS)

Seizure Watch


Kitchen stove

Stove Induction

Safety Stove Knobs

Kitchen counter

Induction Stove

Liquid Indicator

Tactee Device

Kitchen cutting board, crockpot, and microwave

Adaptable Cutting Board

Alexa Crockpot

Alexa Microwave

Kitchen counter with gloves and other items

Spill No Go

Automatic Jar Opener

Cut Resistant Gloves

No Lift Pouring Aid

Smart fridge

Smart Refrigerator

Living Room

Living room door with locks

Door/Window Sensor

Smart Door Lock

Living room shelf with devices and tv

Remote Support Two Way Tablet

Smart TV


Living room window and fan

Smart Blinds

Smart Light

Remote Support Tablet

Smart Fan & Light

Counter with keys and remote

Adaptive Television Switch Remote

Smart Button

Key Device Holder

Sensory Room

Table and chair with sensory items

Weighted Blanket

Weighted Vest

Fidget Toys

Hexagon Light

Noise Canceling Headphones

Sensory Mat

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