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SSA Contact Information

Director of Community Services

Emily Martinez, Community Services Director

Phone: 330-797-2913
Email: Emily.martinez@​

Jill Marsh, Executive Assistant to the Director of Community Services

Phone: 330-799-9039
Email: jmarsh@​

Community Services Supervisors

Casey Annico

Phone: 330-799-3192
Email: cannico@​

George Gabriel

Phone: 330-797-2869
Email: ggabriel@​

Jennifer Tilley

Phone: 330-799-2761
Email: Jennifer.tilley@​

Service and Support Administrators

Julie Blaine

Phone: 330-314-4182

Chelsea Tsuris

Phone: 330-314-8909
Email: chelsea.tsuris@​

Tom Snyder

Phone:  330-565-7636

Email: thomas.snyder@​

Michele Brzoza

Phone: 330-442-6091
Email: mbrzoza@​

Kim Budaker

Phone: 330-314-5196
Email: kbudaker@​

Ashley Carocci

Phone: 330-610-2848
Email: acarocci@​

Maggie Coleman

Phone: 330-301-8918
Email: maggie.coleman@​

Melanie DiRocco

Phone: 330-314-5936
Email: mdirocco@​

Paul Dunleavy

Phone: 330-506-2093
Email: paul.dunleavy@​

Cery Globeck

Phone: 330-397-2555

Vincent Rock

Phone: 330-610-2857
Email: vincent.rock@​

Dawn Shope

Phone: 330-550-2328

Email: dawn.shope@​

Jessica Lizanich

Phone: 330-397-2007
Email: jgresco@​

Heather Halloran

Phone: 330-540-2813

Hallie Holzhauser

Phone: 330-301-4729
Email: hallie.holzhauser@​

Lindsay Naples

Phone: 330-301-7625
Email: Lindsay.naples@​

Islam Ababseh

Phone: 330-610-2856
Email: islam.ababseh@​

Robin Land

Phone: 330-885-2111

Email: rland@​

Fern List

Phone: 330-885-2100
Email: fern.list@​

Brittany McCord

Phone: 330-301-5789
Email: brittany.mcccord@​

Lana Hennings

Phone: 330-727-0868
Email: lana.hennings@​

Alicia Connelly

Phone: 330-397-9372
Email: alicia.connelly@​

Olivia McMasters

Phone: 330-314-8770
Email:  olivia.mcmasters@​

Lindsey Patrick

Phone: 330-360-1672
Email: lpatrick@​

Stacey Stein

Phone: 330-727-3353
Email: stacey.stein@​

Sarah Reed

Phone: 330-980-1965
Email: sreed@​

Carol Riddle

Phone: 330-314-3697
Email: criddle@​

Joe Rochette

Phone: 330-506-2079
Email: jrochette@​

Andrea Romack

Phone: 330-397-2202
Email: aromack@​

Sheena Luce

Phone: 330-502-4068

Dawn Wehr

Phone: 330-885-2113
Email: dwehr@​

Tyisha Williams

Desk Phone:  330-797-2825 ext. 

Cell Phone: 330-314-5880
Email: twilliams@​

Michelle Wages

Phone: 330-397-6621
Email: michelle.wages@​

Ann Marie Williams

Phone: 330-397-7872
Email: annmarie.williams@​

Janine Wlodarsky

Phone: 330-314-7222
Email: jwlodarsky@​

Ashley Wortman

Phone: 330-301-2941
Email: awortman@​

Guy Young

Phone: 330-314-8901
Email: gyoung@​

Kaytlin Felger

Phone: 330-314-8999
Email: kaytlin.felger@​

Keri Williams

Phone: 330-301-7676
Email: keri.williams@​

William Clark, Community Outreach Advocate

Phone: 330-885-2497
Email: william.clark@​

Rebecca Macklen, Waiver Support Spec.

Phone: 330-442-9940
Email: rmacklen@​

Kimberlee Jeswald, Waiver Support Spec.

Phone: 330-799-3193
Email: kimberlee.jeswald@​

Medicaid Manager

Support Staff

Patti Cearfoss

Phone: 330-797-2926
Email: pcearfoss@​

Karen Fitzgerald (Eligibility)

Phone: 330-799-2824
Email: karen.fitzgerald@​