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SSA Contact Information

Director of Community Services

Community Services Supervisors

George Gabriel

Phone: 330-797-2869
Email: ggabriel@​

Phone: 330-799-2964

Service and Support Administrators

Carolyn Brown

Phone: 330-799-2417
Email: cbrown@​

Michele Brzoza

Phone: 330-799-2479
Email: mbrzoza@​

Tristina Eck

Phone: 330-797-2871
Email: teck@​

Michelle Garcia

Phone: 330-799-2942
Email: mgarcia@​

Jessica Gresco

Phone: 330-799-2097
Email: jgresco@​

Megan Monstwil

Phone: 330-799-9035
Email: mmonstwil@​

Christina Moore

Phone: 330-799-2474
Email: cmoore@​

Lindsey Patrick

Phone: 330-799-2945
Email: lpatrick@​

Michael Pesce

Phone: 330-797-2836
Email: mpesce@​

Tracey Petuch

Phone: 330-799-9320
Email: tpetuch@​

Phone: 330-799-8149

Tyisha Williams

Phone: 330-799-2431
Email: twilliams@​

Janine Wlodarsky

Phone: 330-797-3069
Email: jwlodarsky@​

Ashley Wortman

Phone: 330-799-2667
Email: awortman@​

Medicaid Manager

Support Staff