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Transportation Rules for Parents & Guardians


  1. Have your son/daughter ready five (5) minutes before and after the pick-up and drop off time. If you come to the door and make a request for the driver to wait because your son/daughter is not ready the vehicle will wait a maximum of (5) minutes, then the vehicle will drive on in order to maintain its schedule with other clients.
  2. If your son/daughter is ill or is not attending the program/school for some reason, notify the DISPATCH OFFICE as soon as possible at 330-797-2837. You must call before 6:30 AM the first morning of the absence. When a client is called off, the driver will not stop again for the client until notified to do so. You must call the DISPATCH OFFICE when the client is ready to return.
  3. If your son/daughter needs help getting to/from the vehicle and/or boarding, departing the vehicle, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Drivers or Aides are not permitted to leave the vehicle for this purpose. If the vehicle has an attendant on board, the attendant responsibility begins at the door of the vehicle or the foot of the lift.
  4. If the individual/student leaves the school/workshop early, be sure to sign them out on the early departure sheet. The transportation department cannot provide a vehicle for the student/individual when they are ill and must be taken home. Parents/Guardians must make provisions for this.
  5. Please be home in the afternoon by dismissal time (3:00 PM) or see that you have a person listed on the emergency medical/information (EMA) card at home to receive your son/daughter. Please remember, there may be times that the route is running early due to absenteeism.
  6. Due to unforeseen emergencies such as bad weather, it may be necessary to dismiss the school/day program early. Please be sure that the client's EMA card is kept up to date with the name of a person the client may be left with in case you should not be home. A One Call may be sent out during these emergencies.
  7. If the person is not listed on the EMA card list that will be getting your son/daughter/individual off the bus, you must call Dispatch with Name of the individual in order for us to let them get your individual/child off the vehicle. (They will need to have a photo ID with them and present it to the driver.)
  8. Drivers will pick up and drop individuals/children at one location only. However, if your individual/child is staying at respite and is to be picked-up and dropped off there, we must have the name, address and phone number of the respite provider. (There will be at least a 3 day time frame for any changes in pick-up/drop-off address.)
  9. You are to notify the SCHOOL AND/OR SSA of any changes of address, phone number, etc… Drivers are not allowed to make changes in address without notification from the transportation office. (There will be a 3 day notice for any changes in pick-up / drop-off address.)
  10. All medication for the individual/child is to be given to the driver.
  11. If you send any items to the school/day program other than lunch boxes, the items are to be put in a sack and fastened shut. The package should be plainly marked with the person's name that is to receive it. All items should be marked. Please do not allow your individual/child to carry ANY items that are sharp and dangerous. Drivers CAN NOT be responsible for personal items sent to the workshop.
  12. Clients are only to bring 1 NON METALLIC LUNCH BOX and 1 normally size book bag on the vehicle.
  13. No eating or drinking on the vehicle.
  14. Cell phones should be used to make calls on the vehicle during transportation only for emergencies.
  15. DO NOT ask drivers to relay messages pertaining to school/day program business. Call or notify the school/day program office.
    The workshop phone numbers are:
    Javit 330-799-2120
    LKS 330-797-2847 
  16. If you have any questions concerning your rider's transportation or if there is an emergency please call Dispatch, at 330-797-2837. (If no answer leave a message machine is checked often.)
  17. Reminder that when the weather is bad your driveway must be clear of snow and ice. You will need to meet the driver at the Pick up/Drop off area with the individual/child.
  18. Each passenger will have an assigned seat on the vehicle this is a safety precaution, should there be an accident the first responders will be able to look at the seating chart and figure out who is who.
  19. Every individual/child needs to have 15 minute ready behavior before loading a vehicle at any time. This means that they will have had no behaviors or medical issues 15 minutes before time to load the vehicle that would cause a health or safety issue to themselves or anyone on the vehicle. (Physical aggression, spitting, throwing things, refusing to load vehicle, having to be loaded using behavior intervention techniques etc.) If an individual/child is determined not ready for transport it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to have another means of transportation available.
  20. If an individual/child does not ride for 60 calendar days or more and there has been no contact or correspondence from the home, the individual/child will be placed on the rider inactive list. Once on the list you must call Dispatch to be reactivated. This may cause a delay in you receiving transportation.
  21. Thank you for assisting us in keeping transportation safe for our passengers.

Calamity Days

If there is no program due to bad weather, it will be announced on the following radio stations: WKBN570, OLDIES 106.1, MIX 98.9, 95.9 KISS FM, 93.3 THE WOLF, 1390 WNIO and on television channels 21, 27, 33 and 62.

Calamity days are also announced on our website. We also have the One Call Program and you can receive messages that we are closed if you wish to. If you have not signed up for this service you can do so by calling Tricia Perry at 330-797-3051 or the Transportation office at 330-797-2837 with the numbers you would like called at.