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Board Administration Contact Information


Bill Whitacre, Superintendent

Phone: 330-797-2828
Email: wwhitacre@​

Kara Morgan, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Phone: 330-797-2828
Email: kmorgan@​

Human Resources Department

Kelli Behun, HR Director

Phone: 330-797-2931
Email: kelli.behun@​

Anne Louise White, Staff Development Specialist

Phone: 330-799-2646
Email: awhite@​

Debra Napolitano, Executive Assistant HR

Phone: 330-797-2829
Email: debra.napolitano@​

Business and Fiscal Services

Sean Kern, Finance Director

Phone: 330-797-2833
Email: skern@​

Christopher Zion, Accounting Supervisor

Phone: 330-797-2910
Email: christopher.zion@​

Stephanie Williams, Executive Assistant-Payroll

Phone: 330-799-9037
Email: stephanie.williams@​

Jessica Fenstermaker, Executive Assistant-Accounting

Phone: 330-797-2832
Email: Jessica.fenstermaker@​

Tim Gabrelcik, Contract Compliance

Phone: 330-799-2728
Email: tgabrelcik@​

Debbie Clouser, Budget Specialist

Phone: 330-270-2652
Email: dclouser@​

Other Services

Frank Dietz, Maintenance Coordinator

Phone: 330-797-2893
Email: fdietz@​

Waymond Grace, Transportation Supervisor

Phone: 330-797-2838
Email: wgrace@​

Tricia Perry, Community Education Specialist

Phone: 330-797-3051
Email: tperry@​