Non Medical Transportation (NMT) Opportunities for bid by providers

If you are a qualified vendor of services and would like to bid on the Non- Medical Transport (NMT) Opportunities  please click on the link below to view available opportunities from our Transportation Department.

Link To: Non-Medical Transportation Bidding Opportunity 4-12-18

Link to: Non-Medical Transportation Bidding Opportunity 4-4-18 

Transportation to and from the school, day programs, and the senior and habilitation programs is available to any student or adult enrolled in all of the day programs provided by the MCBDD,as well as to individuals who work in the employment program. Transportation is provided five days a week, Monday thru Friday, from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each year, transportation services are provided to approximately 386 individuals.

► With a fleet consisting of over 40 buses and 23 other vehicles, the Transportation Department travels over 750,000 miles per year.

► All MCBDD buses are equipped with hydraulic lifts to accommodate passengers who utilize wheelchairs.

► The MCBDD employs a transportation aide for each bus. The aide tends to the needs of the riders while en route so bus drivers may devote their full atten­tion to operating the bus.

► Each vehicle is equipped with a two-way FM radio that allows communications between bus drivers and dispatchers in case of emergency.

► Each vehicle is Board-owned and maintained at the Board’s bus maintenance facility located next to Leonard Kirtz

Transportation Rules for Parents and Guardians

Please follow the link below for information on:

  • Calamity Days
  • Procedures
  • Day Program Phone Numbers


Bus Rider Rules

Dear Rider, Parent, Guardian, Provider,

The following are rules and procedures for bus/van riding, pick-up/drop-offs and reporting riders on/off the bus. Please read the rules and explain them to your bus/van rider(s) according to their individual ability. The rules listed are modified to the needs and abilities of each individual bus/van rider. Please sign the second page and give to bus Driver. Keep the first page for yourself to as a reference.

1. Video and audio equipment may be used to monitor bus staff and rider activity.

2. Riders should be ready at or before the time the bus or van is scheduled to arrive.

3. Riders must wait in their place of safety for pick-up identified by the Driver.

4. Parent, Guardian or Provider must be at place of safety with client during pick-up and drop-off to ensure proper transfer of rider or have it written in their IEP/ISP that the rider can be dropped off unsupervised.

5. Riders should go directly to their seat.

6. Riders must remain seated keeping the aisle clear.

7. Riders must not use profane language.

8. Riders must refrain from eating or drinking on the bus/van except as required for medical reasons or as part of their IEP/ISP.

9. Riders must not use tobacco on bus/van or have alcohol or drugs in their possession except for prescription medication.

10. Riders must not use cell phones or receive cell phone calls on the bus/van.

11. Riders must not throw objects on, from or into the bus/van.

12. Riders must not put head or arm out of bus/van windows.

13. State Regulation prohibits the transport of large items without the approval of the Transportation Supervisor before being transported. Items such as change of clothes bags, lunches, etc. can be given to the Driver or Aide and stored appropriately. Riders may carry on the bus/van only items that can be held in their laps while being transported.

14. Riders must leave or board the bus/van at assigned place of safety unless an alternate location has been authorized by agreement between the parent and Transportation Supervisor.

15. Parent, Guardian or Provider should notify Dispatch (330-797-2837) if they do not require Transportation services on a given day. Please provide the riders Name, Vehicle number, Day Program Site, Shift, whether it is to call-off / call-on rider. If it is to call-off rider, please provide a projected date of return. If no date of return is provided, Drivers will not attempt to pick-up until instructed to do so by Dispatch.

16. If rider is off for an uncoordinated extended period of time, 2 weeks or more, call Day Program Site or School and have them call Transportation Office with permission to resume pick up.

17. If someone other than Parent, Guardian or Provider is to receive the riders at drop off ensure they are listed on the EMA or coordinate with Transportation Office prior to drop off. Provide office with information of person who is to receive rider and ensure person to receive the riders has identification on themselves.

I understand that these rules and procedures are for the safety and well-being of all riders and will be upheld by all involved to the best of our ability.


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