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The Investigative Services Unit for Mahoning County Board of DD is tasked with ensuring Health & Safety for the Individuals we serve.   We have three Investigative Agents (IA) who investigate allegations of abuse and neglect of individuals with disabilities. These are called Major Unusual Incident (MUI).

Our duties include investigating all health and safety issues (MUIs) involving clients established under OAC 5123:2-17-02 and meeting the guidelines of such investigations set forth by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Investigative Agents, Roseann, Amy and Tony bring a wealth of experience in providing services to the individuals of Mahoning County

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Investigative Services Unit
Contact Information

Blase Brush

Investigative Agent Email:

Phone: 330-799-8146

Roseann O’Nesti

Investigative Agent Email:

Phone: 330-799-9033

Tony Rinaldi

Investigative Agent Email:

Phone: 330-799-9034

Amy Colon

Investigative Agent Email:

Phone: 330-799-9321

Karen Gallagher Executive

Assistant Email:

Phone: 330-797-2831



Mailing Address:

4791 Woodridge Drive Austintown,

OH 44515

Help Hotline – 330-747-2696

Contact ISU

If you wish to report an allegation of abuse or neglect or any other possible Major Unusual Incident (MUI), please contact Help Hotline at 330-747-2696.

You may also call the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities hotline at 866-313-6733 or follow the link below:

Department of Developmental Disabilities website.

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Agency Log

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Preventing Falls
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