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Service and Support Administrators

Mahoning County Board of DD Service and Support Administrators, or SSAs, coordinate and connect people with developmental disabilities to individualized support.  Support services can include services such as residential, employment transportation, day services, to name a few.

What is an SSA?

SSAs are the primary point of coordination. We listen to your goals to help you achieve your vision of a happy, satisfying life as well as identify any areas where additional assistance might be needed.

Mahoning DD’s SSAs are here to help make the connection, while you make the decision about what’s right for you.   SSAs can assist you in a variety of areas in your life, such as:

► Determine eligibility for potential services
► Coordinate assessment to find out what is important to you, as well as what is working and what is not working your life
► Coordinate the team process and develop your individual service plan or ISP though our person centered planning process
► Develop a budget for services based on your assessed needs and your preferred way of meeting those needs
► Assist you through the free choice of provider process
► Coordinate services and supports between your paid provider and natural supports
► Ensure health and safety through the development of prevention plans for any incident that may impact health and safety.
► Provide ongoing ISP coordination to ensure that services are delivered as outlined in your plan, are meeting your needs, and are meeting your satisfaction.

Role of the SSA in the Community Services Department

The staff in the Community Services department will:

► Aid individuals and their families with information and referral about all County Board services and services provided by other agencies.

► Help guide individuals with disabilities through the intake and eligibility process.

► Explore options for education, employment, living arrangements and in-home services.

► Assist in assessing the needs of the individual and coordinating services to address those needs based upon input from the individual and the team.

► Write a Person Centered Individual Service Plan as the single point of coordination, which takes into account what is important to and for the individual.

► Visit the individual in their home, school, or workplace to make sure they are receiving appropriate services to meet their needs.

► Respond to emergency situations 24 hours per day through the on-call program operated by Help Hotline.

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Community Services

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My Life/My Self Determination

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4. Making choices where you want to shop

5. Choosing what you want to eat

6. Choosing where you want to worship

7. Choosing how you want to manage your Transportation

8. Choosing who you want to work for you

9. Taking charge of your health Remember it’s about taking control of your life, making choices and decisions for yourself.

Project STIR Steps Toward Independence and Responsibility Project STIR is a training program for self advocates designed to provide individuals with the tools to advocate for themselves, mobilize others in advocacy and gain leadership experience.

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