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Bev MASCO Day Program

Bev MASCO participates in many activities throughout the month such as:

► Activity night every second Friday of the month. Where we show movies, sporting events and other things of special interests.

► Library night on the second Thursday of every month.


► Art class

► Yoga

► Adult Basic Literacy and Education

► Sports club

► Exercise club

► Cooking club

► Photography club

► Karaoke club

► Sewing club


Various Jobs  

► Schwebel’s

► Fastener Solutions

► Tiger Pack


Community Activities and Integration Sites

► Aquaponics

► Second Harvest Food Bank

► Angels for Animals


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Meshel MASCO Day Program

Meshel MASCO offers a supportive environment based upon the unique gifts and abilities of each individual served as well as providing supports towards each individual’s hopes and interests. These supports occur not only in the Meshel facility but are provided by Meshel staff within the community as individual and group integrated life experiences. These experiences, along with dedicated and motivated staff, provide a desired partnership moving toward person centered directions of vocational interests as well as in the areas of social, recreation, and leisure.

Meshel MASCO participates in many activities throughout the month such as:

► Evening Activity, held generally the fourth Friday of the month (check calendar for specific dates)  Activities are held in February, March, April, June, August, September and October. Evening Activities feature music, dancing, food and friends.  Yearly favorites include Valentine’s Day, Awareness Month, American Idol, Bike Night, Carnival Night and the annual Halloween Dance

► Community outings such as visits to libraries, museums, parks and  restaurants. Meshel MASCO participated in over 100 outings last year

► Community Integration programs with Choffin Aquaponics program, Second Harvest Food Bank, Angels for Animals, and exercise programs with the YMCA

► Interagency outings

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MASCO Day Program

► MASCO, Inc. (Mahoning County Adult Services Company) is a non-profit company which employs individuals in adult day services sites.

► MASCO, Inc. is a contract agency of the Mahoning County Board of DD. In addition to paid work and vocational services, the Mahoning County Board of DD provides a wide range of habilitation services.

► These services are individually planned by a team of professionals and are designed to help each individual reach their maximum potential for independence.

► Adult day services are provided at three sites: Bev MASCO, Meshel MASCO and the Retirement / Habilitation Program located at the Centre @ Javit Court.

► MASCO, Inc. is a twelve month work programming center which provides a variety of vocational programming and educational opportunities.

► Individuals may work in one of our three facilities or in the community, depending on skill level, interest and community job opportunities.

► Individuals for whom work is not a priority have the right to spend their days involved in activities of interest and personal benefit in integrated, community based settings whenever possible.

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The Centre @ Javit Court

Retirement and Habilitation Program

The Adult Services Retirement Program is located at the Centre @ Javit Court.  It is geared to serve the individual needs of older adults with developmental disabilities who no longer desire to work.

► The Centre Habilitation Program benefits individuals with pronounced physical needs through O.T., P.T., water and sensory therapies

► The Centre @ Javit Court features continuous rotation of activities

► Individuals can participate in programming in six spacious activity rooms, a multi-sensory room, a therapy pool, a large kitchen, multi-purpose area, therapy room, two outdoor pavilions and a memory garden located on the property

► Other features include wide corridors with special colored tracking tiles, soft lighting, spacious and open rest rooms, changing rooms and a nursing clinic area

► Program aides support the needs of the individuals by providing mobility and program assistance

► Individuals in the seniors and habilitation programs benefit from over 25 program/treatment choices from qualified and caring staff

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