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Our Mission

“To provide on-going programs, services and supports which assist eligible individuals with developmental disabilities in choosing and achieving a life of increasing capacity to live and work in the community and to reach their full potential as members of society”

Superintendent’s Message

To All,


The Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities (MCBDD) is an incredible asset to the citizens of Mahoning County. MCBDD provides a multitude of services that help provide meaningful outcomes for individuals with Developmental Disabilities. MCBDD recently added Help Me Grow and Early Intervention Services to supplement school age, adult services, SSA and transportation services. It is our hope that providing Help Me Grow and Early Intervention Services will set a better life course for individuals that are involved with this program.


For over 40 years MCBDD and its partners have supported individuals and their families gain access to much needed services. Although our system has evolved over those years, our mission and vision has remained the same; to provide opportunities that support people living a life that is meaningful to them.


Continuing to strengthen relationships with other agencies and community stakeholders will be necessary to move our system forward in the future and allow us to continue to provide those opportunities.


Over the next several years MCBDD will undergo several changes that are mandated by the state and federal governments. During that time it will be more important than ever for our community to work together to support individuals eligible for services through MCBDD. A strong network is in place to meet these mandated changes, but working together is the only way we can promote positive outcomes for the people and families we support.


On behalf of the MCBDD Board members and the nearly 1,400 individuals and families that you help support, I would like to say thank you to the citizens of Mahoning County. I would also invite you to visit our website, to learn more about our agency and its partners.



Bill Whitacre

Superintendent Mahoning DD

Administrative Strategies

Individualized programs will exhibit “best practices”


We will provide flexible, equitable and balanced
programs for each individual with developmental disabilities
in our county.

All programs will:

• Incorporate the current “best practices in the field.”
• Be integrated into the community to the greatest degree possible.
• Reflect the individual abilities and needs of each person we serve.
• Display teamwork and mutual respect.
• Focus on outcomes so that each individual can achieve his/her maximum capability.

Financial strategies will focus on the long-term


Prudent budgeting that makes the best use of available resources is the only way to achieve long term stability and offer appropriate accountability to the taxpayers who so generously fund our services.

We will maximize all available resources and will not engage in deficit spending that threatens the long-term health of the organization.


Personnel will be productive and positive


Those employed by the MCBDD will be productive, positive team players focused on advancing the goals of the individuals we serve. Initiative, mutual respect and flexibility are expected at all times to ensure that common interest will prevail over individual self-interest. Ethical and professional behavior will be the norm.


Facilities will be attractive, appropriate and accessible


All facilities maintained by the MCBDD will be clean, safe, accessible, appropriate and attractive and will comply with all building codes. Architecture will blend into the community to the greatest degree possible.


We will be a good neighbor in the communities we serve


As a member of the community, the MCBDD will be a prudent steward of the dollars that taxpayers entrust to us. We will be ethical, reasonable and credible in our practices. We will provide the best services possible within the resources available to each person we serve.

We will reach out to the community and become involved as individuals, and as an organization, in projects that make a difference.

Core Values

◊ Integrity to instill public confidence in our judgment.

◊ Professionalism in our delivery of services and supports.

◊ Accountability for what we say and do.

◊ Responsibility for our actions and the duties we are to perform.

◊ Flexibility to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

◊ Collaboration with other organizations and groups to increase the opportunities and resources available to help those we serve.

◊ Continuity of service delivery so that individuals and families can reliably count on the availability of services and supports in their lives.

◊ Objectivity in our decision-making, free from bias or unreasonable influence.

◊ Community is the goal for all of our clients, to participate and be part of the community in which they live, work and play.

◊ Positive attitude that generates a “can-do” approach to our work.

The Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

• Be treated nicely at all times and as a person

• Have a clean safe place to live in and a place to be alone

• Have food that is good for you

• Be able to go, if you want, to any church, temple or mosque

• Be able to go to a doctor or dentist when you are sick

• Be able to have people help you with the way you walk, talk, do things with your hands, act or feel, if you need it

• Be able to have people help and teach you, if you want

• Be able to have time and a place to go to be by yourself

• Be able to call, write letters or talk to anyone you want about anything you want

• Be able to have your own things and be able to use them

• Be able to have men and women as friends

• Be able to join in activities and do things that will help you grow to be the best person you can be

• Be able to work and make money

• Be treated like everyone else

• Not be hit, yelled at, cursed at, or called names that hurt you

• Be able to learn new things, make friends, have activities to do, and go out in your community

• Be able to tell people what you want and be part of making plans or decisions about your life

• Be able to ask someone you want to help you, let others know how you feel or what you want

• Be able to use your money to pay for things you need and want with help, if you need it

• Be able to say yes or no before people talk about what you do at work or home or look at your file

• Be able to complain or ask for changes if you don’t like something without being afraid of getting in trouble

• Not be given medicine that you don’t need or held down if you are not hurting yourself or others

• To vote and learn about laws and your community

• To say yes or no to being part of a study or experiment


Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Update

Fiscal Responsibility

The Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities is funded by local, state and federal monies. The majority of our income comes from local taxes and we are careful stewards of this public trust.

2017 Budget

Our policies strictly prohibit deficit spending.  We work hard to ensure that we spend the taxpayers money wisely while still maintaining quality programs and services to those entrusted to our care.

Table of Organization

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