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The Board

The Board of Directors of the MCBDD is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the Mahoning County Commissioners or the Probate Judge. The law requires that at least three of the Board members are family members of individuals who either receive, or are eligible to receive, services from the Board. All Board members serve on a voluntary basis with no compensation for their services

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The Administration

Administrative Strategies

► Individualized programs will exhibit “best practices”

► Financial strategies will focus on the long-term

► Personnel will be productive and positive

► Facilities will be attractive, appropriate and accessible

► We will be a good neighbor in the communities we serve

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Career Oportunities

It’s more than a job, it’s a calling.

We do more than a job at Mahoning DD. We all serve a role in providing individualized care that advances each of the adults and children we support along their path in life. We invite you to get to know us and explore our job openings.


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